An ancestral witch

An enigmatic mentor

A daring 14th-century mission

The Stone of Time


About Pam

Pam Chartrand is a native Californian who grew up near the mountains and beaches of Los Angeles. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Psychology. A former technical writer, she traded in the frenzy of Silicon Valley tech to become a practicing therapist by day and a writer the rest of the time. She lives in the mountains of Northern California with her husband and two wonderfully spoiled cats.

About The Stone of Time

“I saw her through the foggy shroud of time – five hundred years future. An even more powerful witch than I. But time and treachery have robbed her of her gifts. I will teach her… But will it be in time?”


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A gravely wounded King

A hidden sacred text

Two magical families five hundred years apart

A timeless threat


Praise for Pam's Work

“The Stone of Time took me on a spellbinding journey I won't forget, filled with time travel, magical twists, and a dose of romance that tugged at my heartstrings. Pamela Chartrand has outdone herself.”
- JD

“Pamela Chartrand has done it again. The Stone of Time is an outstanding sequel to The Herbarium, giving greater texture and depth to the mystical connection between a 21st-century Paige and a 14th-century behind-the-scenes battle between the Vatican, the Crown, and other forces for control of an ancient sacred text.”
- Patrick

The Stone of Time is Amazing! The history was lush! So vivid and real! Twists and turns, hidden secrets, mysteries revealed in fantastic and out of the way methods. Another journey for the Herbarium! Wonder where it will end up next and who we'll meet next!”
- Tami

“From a Wiccan fire ceremony deep in the present day Santa Cruz Mountains, to a 16th century battle to save the life of the grievously wounded King of France, The Herbarium delivers a page-turning, taut thriller. The Herbarium is simply epic historical fiction.”
- Don Sanders, author of
Go for the Green

The Herbarium opens a doorway between the present and the past, as the healing secrets of a mysterious book are revealed. Chartrand paints life in 16th century France with color, drama and memorable characters; she’s a gifted storyteller.”
- Victoria Kazarian, author of
Swift Horses Racing

“I found myself captured by a 16th century French maiden connected to today’s world. The intersection between the Crown and the Church during those tempestuous times had implications that carried on into the 21st century. I could not put The Herbarium down until the final page.”
- Patrick W. Andersen, author of
Second Born

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