The Stone of Time

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Published by: Mountain Road Books
Release Date: July 14, 2023
Pages: 370
ISBN13: 979-8985308310



When you recognize your destiny, you’ll know what to do.

Paige Delaney is coming to terms with her identity as a bloodline witch. Although she’s one of the most powerful of her line, she struggles to access her magical gifts.

Returning to the Wiccan bonfire, she receives a mystical vision of a monk attacking a hooded figure, and she knows she must pursue it. She travels to France to find the enigmatic bookseller who introduced her to the sacred text that started it all. With his mentorship, and the mysterious Stone of Time, she time-travels to 14th-century Avignon on a daring mission to rescue the Herbarium.

There, she meets the Companion who is attempting to save the life of a young man, but risks falling into a trap set by the Papal counsel.

Overwhelmed, Paige fears her tenuous grasp on her powers will fail.

And when fate reunites her with her timeless love, Paige must make a heart-wrenching choice—

Return to the present, or remain and leave behind everything she knows and holds dear.


The Stone of Time took me on a spellbinding journey I won't forget, filled with time travel, magical twists, and a dose of romance that tugged at my heartstrings. Pamela Chartrand has outdone herself.”

“Pamela Chartrand has done it again. The Stone of Time is an outstanding sequel to The Herbarium, giving greater texture and depth to the mystical connection between a 21st-century Paige and a 14th-century behind-the-scenes battle between the Vatican, the Crown, and other forces for control of an ancient sacred text.”

The Stone of Time is Amazing! The history was lush! So vivid and real! Twists and turns, hidden secrets, mysteries revealed in fantastic and out of the way methods. Another journey for the Herbarium! Wonder where it will end up next and who we'll meet next!”

The Stone of Time by Pamela Chartrand is a fast read with multiple plots, twists and turns. This is a fantastic sequel to The Herbarium.”